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Masa (NY) – Massive Money

I recently visted NY from SF. If there’s a world-class worthy sushi restaurant, I will try it. Often, these places are hidden, unknown, or simply prohibitive to the casual eater (in terms of accessibility or money.) Masa has been hyped as the end-all be-all of sashimi, sushi, and Japanese cuisine.

Upon walking in, it’s obvious they are creating a special serenity in the heart of the bustling city – a space that inspires awe yet soothes – a perfect mood to submit yourself to the chef. (Or to the cynical, an over-the-top Japanese exoticism that is designed to make your Prada pockets lighter.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Le Bernardin (NY) – Sublime Fish

I celebrated my birthday by eating my way through a selection of NY’s finest – Le Bernardin, WD-50, & Masa. While i haven’t sampled the great kitchens of Europe (or the rest of the world for that matter), my Le Bernardin meal was easily the 2nd or 3rd best of my life.

The Ingredients
I was shocked and amazed by quality of the ingredients. I am a very serious sushi fan (see my previous sushi blog entries) and the quality of Eric’s ingredients rivaled (and, at time, surpassed) the very best sushi bars in America.

Some of the highlights are listed below:

White Tuna Poached in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sublime. Transcendental.

This might be the single best ‘dish’ i’ve ever had in my life. Read the rest of this entry »