Secret Beef Place (LA) – Melt in your Mouth

The Mystique

There’s a secret place in LA that only serves beef – every dish for 9-10 dishes. Sounds excellent but there’s a catch – you can not go unless you are already a customer. Obviously, at best, this paradox doesn’t seem like good business sense – how does a restaurant expect to stay open if they don’t serve new customers? At worst, one wonders if this place is real or some carefully crafted urban myth based on America’s love affair for Japanese exoticism. And in the middle somewhere, one wonders how one might ever gain entrance to this mythical mecca for beef.

Bottom line – you’ve got to have connections – fortunately, I found them!

The Place
Located on an nondescript LA street behind what appears to be a long shut-down asian fast food joint. Dirty curtains in the window, cobwebs, an old broken sign above; it was only missing the broken bottles of Old English on the sidewalk. Waited around outside for 10 minutes or so til 2 my hosts arrived.

It makes one dream – you see these sort of places throughout along any large city street – what other wonders are lying behind their doors?

I wouldn’t describe the inside as “funky” – at least, not as in ‘hip/young’ vernacular, maybe the ‘underarm odor’ type. Eclectic might be more appropriate – wine bottles, movie star posters, wine labels plastered on the bathroom walls…

So where is it? Sorry, myths can only be perpetuated through mystery and disbelief.

The Meat
The only thing i can compare it to is a sushi experice of the highest order. The progression of meats got better and better – culminating in the short ribs. Each piece was tender like an excellent piece of sushi. Most were also sweet (i wasn’t keeping track of which were marinated and which were not.) Lightly grill it (you get the hang very quickly after you burn your first piece) and it’s unlike any other meat you’ve had.

I dare say – Peter Luger in NY has absolutely nothing on this guy.

The most interesting dish was the raw beef liver – the outside had a slight bite to it, but once you bit down, it had a wonderful natural warmth to it. Everyone merely said ‘mmmmm’……….

Some Pictures (courtesy of the infamous Lizzie)


- chuck

  • steve

    I’ve heard of that place, My best freind has a japanese girl friend that took him there. I thinks its my turn to go… = )

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