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Archive for August, 2005

Bouley (NY) – Masterful but Memorable?

Bouley is a maligned restaurant in the upper NY tier of dining. While most everyone recognizes it should be a great place, there are often complaints of amateur mistakes. However, I was assured by some dining friends that the restaurant is among the best in the country. Fair enough, I made a reservation and they (long-time customers) warned the Maitre’D I was on my way.

I asked them to cook for me, negotiated 7 courses, and we were off.

1. Apple bread
This bread was incredible – warm, toasty, & sweet.

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Blue Hill (NY) – More California for NYers

Blue Hill has a reputation for being a Bay Area-like restaurant – fresh ingredients from NY’s Hudon Valley cooked with simple & delicate preparations. After a trip of not-up-to-par eating, I was counting on Blue Hill to save the trip. My notes are very fuzzy (notice a theme on this trip?) – so i will do my best to interpret them.

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Mas {Farmhouse} (NY) – Napa in NYC

There isn’t too much information out there on Mas {Farmhouse} – it’s labeled as countryside French w/ some eclectic & innovative twists. That, apparently, was enough to pique my curiosity.

My notes turned out crappy.

1. Kumomoto Oyster w/ caviar
Mild w/ just enough essence of the sea – nice – but easily repeated anywhere.

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Kuruma Zushi (NY) – Fish Still King

After the Sushi Yasuda letdown last monday, a friend & I ate a Saturday lunch @ Kuruma – No competition.


1. This is a fish-first type of place. We had 10 courses of sashimi & 10 courses of sushi. The fish quality is just as good as Masa and a level or 2 higher than Yasuda. The rice quality is inferior to Yasuda; not warm enough & not enough vinegar. The ratio of rice to fish on the sushi is better than Yasuda (or Masa) – there’s still enough fish to really bite into it & taste it.

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Uni (Boston) – Re-inventing Fish

had a meal here last night w/ 2 old friends.

1. they sat us at a table instead of the bar – ugh

2. my friends aren’t used to dining out; we had a ‘budget’ of $75/person.

3. my friends are husband/wife rowing partners and they had an event the next morning. we only had 1.5 hours to eat and no wine.

4. they didn’t want red meat or any derivative (like foie gras.)

5. i told the waitress – “let the chef pick, $75/person, no red meat/foie gras” and i warned her i was taking notes in hopes of not repeating my 2nd-rate yasuda meal (especially since we couldn’t watch them at the bar.)

that’s what i had to work with – sounds like a fun, huh? :-)

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