Mas {Farmhouse} (NY) – Napa in NYC

There isn’t too much information out there on Mas {Farmhouse} – it’s labeled as countryside French w/ some eclectic & innovative twists. That, apparently, was enough to pique my curiosity.

My notes turned out crappy.

1. Kumomoto Oyster w/ caviar
Mild w/ just enough essence of the sea – nice – but easily repeated anywhere.

2. Tuna w/ soy, balsamic, & crispy shallots
Ok, not excellent, too overcooked… I was spoiled by Uni a few days before by a tastier & far-better executed example.

3. Maine Lobster Corn Soup w/ wild mushrooms
Soup a tad too salty but tasty (corn is in season for NY, it’s everywhere), lobster was sweet & moist – a delicious dish.

4. Grilled Wahoo on Licorice Skewer & Sweet/Sour Glaze
Wahoo was ok, never had it before so unsure how to judge it, nothing spectacular… The licorice skewer served no discernable purpose, none of the taste was imparted on the fish, no one else tasted it either

5. Duck Breast, Wild Rice, Paprika Fig
I remember the breast being ok, a little overcooked but still moist; the fig was too spicy

6. Lamb Loin w/ Braised Lamb Shoulder Squash Blossom& potato puree
The lamb loin was cooked nicely and it was pretty good. however, the braised lamb shoulder squash blossom was ill-conceived and un-refined. How could they take a delicate squash blossom and stuff it with something so heavy?

7. Parfait w/ Strawberries & Plum jour
Ok, strawberries were pretty good.

8. Yogurt Sorbet
There were other things accompanying but notes/memory failing – yogurt sorbet was delicious – rich, but still subtle & light – excellent balance.

9. Lavender Ice Cream
Someone else had this and it too was delicate & delicious.


If i lived in NY, I’d try it again – it was a good meal but not spectacular. The ingredients were generally fresh but they would be run-of-the-mill here in the Bay Area. Sometimes their combinations work, sometimes they don’t.

If you’ve only got a limited number of NY meals (like I do), I’d skip it for something else. If you live in the city, it’s worth a shot.
- chuck