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Per Se (NY) – I’ll Pass

The French Laundry (FL) is revered by many to be America’s top restaurant. For those fortunate enough to go, they often proclaim it the best meal of their lives. While I was not so fortunate, I still believe it could impress me in the future. Thomas Keller is renowned for being a perfectionist about everything – the ingredients, the preparation, and the experience. Why, then, did many of the media outlets all it “French Laundry East?”

Per Se is the sister restaurant in NYC, manned by Thomas Keller’s star pupil, with many people saying it’s just as impressive as FL. Could Per Se be the culinary experience I was expecting at FL? Or would I be disappointed again?

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Pilar (Napa) – Seasonal but Something

I ate here the other night after a few promising posts from a food forum. In fact, I had very high hopes since it looked like the food was something special – honest with respect to its ingredients.

The place was packed solid. Whatever buzz needed to happen has happened; I overheard 2 different townies talking proclaiming it the best place in the city. Arrived 15 minutes early, and seated 15 minutes late.

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Peter Luger (NY) – Best Steak in the Land

NYers can definitely exaggerate the greatness of various establishments within their city limits, but the praise for Peter Luger is well-deserved. After my first visit, i saw the hint of brilliance in their steak but left unconvinced. Would my second visit live up to the hype? Could it really be the best steak in the country? How would it compare to the super secret beef place?

The Restaurant – nothing fancy, German beerhall, gruffish waiters.

The Myth – Peter Luger supposedly gets first pick at the wholesaler, and they dry-age it for 28 days.

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