Peter Luger (NY) – Best Steak in the Land

NYers can definitely exaggerate the greatness of various establishments within their city limits, but the praise for Peter Luger is well-deserved. After my first visit, i saw the hint of brilliance in their steak but left unconvinced. Would my second visit live up to the hype? Could it really be the best steak in the country? How would it compare to the super secret beef place?

The Restaurant – nothing fancy, German beerhall, gruffish waiters.

The Myth – Peter Luger supposedly gets first pick at the wholesaler, and they dry-age it for 28 days.

The Method – char-broiled on a plate full of butter. rare or medium rare – anything more and they might spit in your food (you must play by the rules.) They serve steaks “for 2″ – you must order this. For 3 people, we ordered 2 “for 2′s” rare, delivered sequentially.

The Meat – the 1st steak was very good but a tad too cold in the center. The steak was not as tender as i would’ve liked. The 2nd steak was excellent – perfectly cooked, extremely tender, and amazing taste – reminded me of the super secret beef place. It might be better to go w/ a group of 3-4 so you can try multiple steaks; Luger steaks are not magical and even they are victim of the laws of the distribution.

The Dessert – as a lark, we got the pecan pie – it was heart-attack inducing (moreso than the steak?) but pretty good. The ‘whip cream’ was absolutely delicious – it was as thick as cheese. an incredibly decadent end to an already decadent lunch.

The Other Stuff – They also serve bacon, shrimp cocktails, tomatoes, spinach, french fries, etc. DO NOT GET THIS. The quality of anything but the steak is poor at best. You don’t go to Peter Luger to eat anything but the steak; otherwise, precious room inside your stomach is being wasted.

The Verdict – when it’s on, it’s excellent steak. The steak is not as good as the super secret beef place but most of their cuts were thinner. If you like steak, and find yourself in NY, Peter Luger is a must try.

- chuck

  • e

    no matter how good the meat may be, the owner’s / management of peter luger’s are the rudest people i have ever met in my life and certainly not new yorkers,…. i spoke to a person who answered the phone, the day manager, then gina, in the main office, all from russia with thick russian accents,….! no problem with this, but what has happened to this NY establishment,….????!!!! rude russians to create problems and denegrate you rather than treat you with respect happy to have your business,…. i’ve never seen anything like this in new york, and especially not from an establishment like peter luger’s,…. cross this one off the list, stay in manhattan and go to S&W or the old homestead in the meat packing district,…. what an insult peter luger’s has become,….

  • rikesh

    amazing blog! best one ive ever been on!! whats this super secret place you refer to?


  • the ulterior epicure

    I love the ALL-CAPS warning in the “Other Stuff” section.