Momofuku & Chikalicious (NY) – Perfect Neighbors Part 2

Chikalicious only serves desserts in a small tasting menu format – 3 desserts for $12. The name is not great out of context (it’s named after the chef), 3 desserts sound like too many, and how good could they be for $12? Those were the thoughts dancing around my skeptic mind but everything was put to rest immediately upon walking in.

It’s a husband (host) & wife (chef) operation with a small bar and 3-4 tables dressed in white. The host, whose name i forget, is thoughtful and articulate – a former jazz musician who’s a joy to talk to. You can watch the extreme care taken for every dish – fresh ingredients, thoughtful applications (cappucino ice cubes for a cold cappucino to prevent it from diluting), and perfect execution.

The Iced Tea
This was the 2nd best iced tea I’ve ever had (for the first, wait for my Lady M review shortly.) The tea was bright & lemon-y; served w/ a separate container of syrup, you mix it to your liking – excellent.

The Amuse Bouche
Apple sorbet – didn’t catch which type of apples but the sorbet was crisp & bright – a slightly sour apple taste complete w/ real chunks balanced by the sweetness of the sorbet. An excellent palette cleanser.

The Main Treat
I had the best cheesecake I’ve ever had – a fromage blanc “cheesecake”. It was barely sweet, a tad sour, and oh-so-delicious. This wasn’t your typical “cheesecake” – the texture was exactly how i’d prefer it – very creamy.

The Petit Fours
I don’t remember what these were but they weren’t as good as the other 2 servings of the meal. That’s ok – you’re probably full anyways.

Next to WD-50 & Lady M Confections, Chikalicious complete a triumverate of must-try desserts in NY. These are not your standard panna cotta or cheesecake preparations; these are desserts worthy of a 3-star restaurant where freshness, quality, & execution are prized.


(Edit: Read the Veal Cheeks review for a second opinion.)

- chuck