Lady M (NY) – Eat Your Cake

Lady M might have the best cakes in America. It’s a small sliver of a store on the Upper West Side; a few small tables to enjoy a pastry or sandwich; but the showcase is the long bar of cakes. These are the cakes Upper West-siders have for bar mitzvahs, weddings, and whatever other social functions they attend; it is the cake everyone should have for every function.

The Pretense
Their menu offers a variety of coffee, teas, croissants, & sandwiches for the pretense of a civilized meal. The smoked salmon sandwich was ok, but too much bread. The tomato/mozz sandwich was good but tomatoes were slightly out of season. If you are embarassed by ordering 3-4 slices of cake, you too can follow the pretense and order a sandwich. It’s not offensive fare but it’s not the point.

The Iced Tea
A custom-blended earl gray tea accompanied w/ some syrup for sweetening. I got the *perfect* amount of syrup the 1st time and I enjoyed the best iced tea i’ve ever had – by far. The weekend was a revelation for iced tea (see my Chikalicious post) and if the cake sucked, I would’ve been happy w/ the iced tea discovery.

European Cheesecake – sour-cream topping, very rich and creamy, excellent specimen. I had proclaimed it the best piece of ‘proper’ cheesecake i’d eaten.

Crepes Milles – 20 layers – 10 crepes, 10 custard – this is their signature. Very light & airy, but slightly too sweet for me. I’d still recommend this one; the texture is also quite unique.

Fromage Blanc Cheesecake – whipped sour cream – excellent. Yum, i think this is the type of “cheesecake” that i really like – sour & creamy w/ just a hint of sweetness. Very similar to the Chikalicious piece i had a few days later – don’t force me to pick – just try both.

I think the cakes were $7-8/piece so the prices are completely reasonable. I’m not a dessert fan because they all tend to be so alike no matter where you go; however, Lady M is royalty.

- chuck