Montrachet (near Beaune / Chagny, France) – Snail Kings

After our Lameloise dinner, we stopped off at Montrachet a few miles down the road (twice in 2 days) on the way back to Beaune. The 2001 Michelin guide gave it 1 star but it’s apparently lost it since. Supposedly it’s glory days are behind it. Perhaps, but their local soil is among the best in the world – this is reflected in the wine of the region and its delicious snails.

1. Fried Shrimp w/ Basil
The shrimp was overcooked and the batter greasy. Not Good.

2. Asparagus/Pea Shooter w/ Egg (Day 1)
The pieces of egg were unncessary but the shooter had a nice deep flavor. Good.

3. Asparagus/Pea Shooter (Day 2)
They omitted the egg and it got better. Very Good.

4. Escargot
A giant heaping plate of fresh, plump escargot cooked in a parsley cream. A touch of bread was tucked deep in the shell, toasted, and soaked w/ the creme. This is the dish that made us come back twice (as well as some excellent wine.) Excellent.

5. Bresse Chicken Pt 1
White meat – not the texture of the Bresse chicken at Ducasse, but it had a deeper flavor. Good.

6. Bresse Chicken w/ Black Truffle Broth
Dark meat – overcooked sitting in the broth, rubbery, but the broth was *awesome* – the essence of chicken and black truffles. Chicken – Not Good. Broth – Excellent.

If you’re eating dinner at Lameloise, this is a nice place (with outside seating) you could drop by for lunch the day of or after. Order the snails. Anything else, you’re on your own.

- chuck

  • Robert-Gilles Martineau (ロベル。ジル)

    Dear Chuck!
    Did I tell you I hail from Bourgogne/Burgundy?
    I was born in Dijon but spent my “youth” in Chalon sur Saone before my parents had a house built in Givry, in the heart of Cote Chalonnaise.
    My first brother presently has his own (the second one) restaurant in Simandre in the Bresse area (you can be sure that chicken is all blue legs Bresse chicken!).