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Myth (SF) – We’re Too Cool to Cook

(I am still in France eating truffles but here’s another lost review.)

Myth is the sort of restaurant I really dislike. It’s not cheap but the food is haphazard and careless. I would rather not eat at a Myth for 3 weeks in a row and put it into a Manresa dinner – the economics come out the same but your stomach will be a lot happier.

Ate here right after the New Year with the All In crew. We ordered a variety of dishes, shared a few bites here & there, no notes or camera: Read the rest of this entry »

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Sushi Yasuda (NY) – Risotto-Like Rice

I am currently eating truffles in France but here’s a lost review from my NY trip last December.

I ate at Sushi Yasuda on my unforgiving NYC trip last week. Overall, it was what i’d call an “average Yasuda meal.” Good, even great for a few pieces, but the fish falls short of the other heavyweights. However, it’s about half the price, ringing in at around $125/meal for one. Others would argue it’s just as good but I firmly there are distinctions to be made – Kuruma Zushi for fish, Masa for an entire meal, and Yasuda for rice.
While a good place for a single diner, they really try to turn their seats. The whole lunch below took a scant 45 minutes and I tried dragging it out another 15 minutes w/ dessert. This has been my experience each & every time.
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Coi (SF) – Confused Identity

Daniel Patterson, the executive chef of Coi, fired up the Bay Area dining scene by lambasting the hoards of chefs that merely follow the footsteps of the holiest of figures – Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame. These are also the same people who were up in arms after Michelin gave the Bay Area one three star restaurant – The French Laundry. Does a world class dining experience depend on the ingredients? Absolutely. Do they make the cuisine? Rarely.

Sadly, Patterson is right and Michelin was too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Prather Ranch (SF) – Heritage Chickens are the new Hoffman

There was a small crisis in the SF food community earlier this year – Hoffman opted to stop selling their chickens at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. If I were prone to waking up before 11am, I would have been sounding the alarms too. Unfortunately, Hoffman was always sold out of chickens before I arrived and the Hoffman lady wasn’t too keen (nor consistent) with saving a chicken for this late sleeper.

And they were pretty good chickens. Read the rest of this entry »

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France is Calling

The truffle trip is near.

Like many who read this blog, I’ve been teased by the promise of black truffles here in America. Yes, you can order them but they never live up to their tremendous expense where a $40-50 surcharge is not unusual. The problem? Truffles are fragile and their taste deteriorates rapidly. The best way to eat them is immediately from the source – dates agreed upon, flights booked, here we come.

The itenerary:

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