Truffle Trip Picture Preview

The truffle trip was generally a success. There were both astonishing and very poor dishes (as well as entire meals) that ranged from reasonably priced to hideously expensive. You will read and see the results over the upcoming weeks.

For now, here’s a tease of some of the best truffle dishes (in no certain order):

1. Ledoyen (very thick, crunchy, & tasty)

2. Relais d’L'Auteuil (best bang for your buck)

3. Les Ambassadeurs (best dish of the trip – insane truffle quality)

4. L’Arpege (don’t let the quantity fool you – this was heady stuff)

Reviews should start sometime this week beginning with Les Ambassadeur – the best meal of the trip.
- chuck

  • Dave Somerville

    Hi Chuck,

    I can’t wait to read your reviews. I had a memorable lunch at Ledoyen about a gazillion years ago. We kept prolonging the meal, waiting for the rain to stop so we could move out to the the garden area.

    One question: how do you go about getting reservations at these high-end French restaurants? Do you call, email, or write?


  • Administrator

    Hi Dave, many of the big-time restaurants speak English so calling seems to be the easiest approach. I’ve used email/web sites in the past w/ some success (although it’s not recommended if you plan to eat at one place multiple times since they seem to get confused.) Concierge is also another excellent option if you’re staying at a 3-star+ hotel.

    Generally, we haven’t found it very difficult to get reservations anywhere.