San Francisco Fish Company (SF) – Live Sea Scallops

As I’ve said, the San Francisco Fish Company confounds me – previously frozen shellfish, dull red tuna, pale salmon, but sometimes they have a treat. This time – live scallops in the shell – $7.99/lb.

They were only labeled as “Sea Scallops”, not “Diver Scallops”; I presume they were fished by dragging nets on the sea floor instead of by underwater divers. A side effect of this fishing method is age – they might be less fresh than a diver scallop. However, I’ve also read that scallops need to age a touch (to develop flavor) so this may not be the worst thing.

Stick the knife in, work your way around the side muscles, and the shell opens right up. It’s vile inside – muscle, mucuous membrane, & meat – all in one. An intersting question – Does anyone know of any interesting recipes for the non-meat parts?

Pull away the muscle and membrane, some say don’t wash (I did to remove the grit), and salt on the ends. The salt will dry out the moisture and, theoretically, create a better sear. I also slow-cooked a small basket of morel mushrooms (they are coming into season here.)

The end result

Sweet, not as seared as I’d like, but tasty nonetheless. The morel and scallop pairing (mimicking something I had at Quince the other night, proper review some day) works quite well – earth and sea.

- chuck

  • Moby.

    “An intersting question – Does anyone know of any interesting recipes for the non-meat parts?”
    The Manresa dish, ‘scallop in its own tripe’ comes to mind. Serve with a vermouth butter sauce.

  • Doug

    I’ve never seen scallops paired with mushrooms. I imagine they’d work well together.

    Did you sear them in oil or butter or a combination of both?

  • Administrator

    just olive oil – obviously the pan wasn’t hot enough (and i should get some grapeseed oil for the higher temp threshold.) the scallops/mushroom combo is similar to the scallop/truffle combo that is more common.

    - chuck


    Everything I’ve read lately says GRAPESEED OIL is not good for us … so don’t cook with it.

    Try Ghee or clarify some of that $100 a pound butter (LOL) — I’ve cooked these things & the key is not only to get the pan really hot but also not to touch them once they are in the pan on the heat … just leave it alone and don’t guess at how long to cook them (also use a timer) The ones I’ve cooked looked a lot different and the shell was much bigger and thinner. Mine were in Paris from the seafood market and still had the redish-orange coral on the side of it which I do not remove. As for the other parts, mmmmm just “TOSS IT” … but save the shells, if they are pristine & pretty, for serving seafood salads etc. They are as hard to find as a fresh diver scallop still n the shell.

    How ’bout the number of Maryland soft shells — let me know soon

    by Wilbur M. Reeling
    epicurean raconteur

  • faustianbargain

    hmm..moby..i am not sure the tripe is tripe of scallops.

    with non meat parts of scallop…roe and scallops..wrapped in bacon and grilled. for a snack or quick bite.