Sushi Yasuda (NY) – Supersonic Sushi

The top sushi players of Manhattan have done a nice job positioning themselves in the market – Masa for the over-the-top-price-is-no-issue annual or bi-annual outings; Kuruma Zushi for a slightly less expensive fish-is-the-only-thing-that-matters meal; and Sushi Yasuda for a quick, informal, and far less expensive rice-is-king stop.

Lunch was no different than usual

  • Quick – in and out in under an hour, Yasuda himself launches the sushi as fast as you can eat it.
  • Consistent – there were no stand-outs on this particular visit but everything was consistently good.
  • Good Value – less than 1/4 the price of the other two heavyweights with 85% of the quality.

This was a Monday lunch – a no-go time slot for sushi but I made the reservation anyway – if Yasuda is open, he must like his fish. After a weekend of eating New York, it hit the spot perfectly and helped brighten what was a mediocre eating trip (reviews over the next few weeks.)

Below are some of the more convincing pictures:

In short, don’t go expecting a calm, relaxing meal – this is no Urasawa. Expect to pay $125/person or so (tell him if you’re uncomfortable), tell him to pick the fish, and enjoy. Request any “vertical” tastings available because they allow you to taste different parts of the fish in rapid succession. He served four different types of toro and if I wasn’t full, he would’ve served three more.

- chuck

  • Paul

    The pictures of that Sushi looks so fresh and beautiful, i can almost taste it

  • ChuckEats

    Thanks, I’m really happy w/ how they turned out. I need to figure out how to get the same quality in dark restaurants.

  • Tom Gandey

    Buy a real camera with a big fast lens and/or buy a tripod and take a longer exposure. The alternative is to show up at every restaurant with full studio lighting… If you want your setup to fit in your pocket, get used to crappy pictures in the dark.

  • Dave G

    Did you see this article about fake Red Snapper?

    “The newspaper had DNA tests done on sushi described as red snapper or “Japanese red snapper” bought from 14 restaurants in the city and suburbs. Not a single one was really red snapper.”,CST-NWS-sushi10.article

  • Paul

    That is the oldest trick in the book, because if you call a fish a snapper you can sell it for twice or three times the price, it is a scam alot of fish suppliers try to pull on restaurants, because they think that most chefs are stupid and that they dont even bother to check, to see if it is a snapper or not

  • Paul

    That is the oldest trick in the book, beause if you call a fish a snapper you can charge 2 or 3 times more for it, and alot of fish suppliers try this scam on because they think that alot of restaurants and chefs are to stupid to notice the differance

  • Trish

    just out of curiosity, is $125 per person including tax/tip? possibly thinking of one drink per person too.

  • ChuckEats

    Trish, generally yes. If you give them a budget, I’m sure they would stick to it as well.

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