Spain Calls and Random Tidbits

First, a welcome to any new StumbleUpon readers – quite a few visited yesterday. I hope you enjoy the site and stick around.

I apologize for the lack of posts recently – I haven’t eaten out much. I do have a slew of posts brewing, including, but not limited to:

The posts will begin trickling into the blog beginning next week; some are longer-term projects (it may be a long while til you read the 300 post.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been planning a short jaunt to Spain in Fall. The basic schedule reads “fly into Barcelona, race to San Sebastian on the cop-free desert road, run down to Madrid, stop & eat at El Poblet, and return to Barcelona.” Restaurants/food on the itinerary include:

  • Etxebarri – This has the potential to be my favorite meal of all-time – a man, his grill, and perfect seafood. A few key blog posts have mythologized this place and I hope it meets my very high expectations.
  • Mugaritz (redux) – The first meal still ranks as the most unique meal I’ve ever had with a trio of desserts that outshine even Sam Mason.
  • Pinxto in San Sebastian – Gunbara for mushrooms, Txepetxa for anchovies, and Astelena for slightly upscale tapas. Does anyone have other recent recommendations?
  • Combarro – This will be added for the Madrid portion of the tour.
  • El Poblet – The Opinionated About review is thoroughly convincing; the Living Forest and Abstraction of the Sea dishes sound quite different.
  • Hispania or Sant Pauperfect ingredients or another facet of the Spanish cutting edge? There’s no time for either one.
  • Rias de Galicia – old school seafood that some say will be the benchmark.  Chez Pim recently ate there as did the New York Times.
  • Jamonisimi – My ham-loving friend says their Salamanca is a life-changing event. See some recent beautiful pictures at Foodite.
  • El Quim de la Boqueria – it’s tapas in the middle of the bustling market but the langostines from my trip last year were nearly as good as those found in the French 3 star restaurants.

These restaurants were considered but left off of the itinerary due to time constraints:

And these restaurants are being considered to fill in the remaining gaps (2-3 meals in Madrid and 1-2 in Barcelona.) If you have any opinions, or additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments:

  • Abac (BCN)
  • Gaig (BCN)
  • Hisop (BCN)
  • Ot (BCN)
  • Santa Maria (BCN)
  • Kabuki (MAD)
  • O’Pazo (MAD)
  • Ca’Sento (Valencia)

- chuck

  • Dave Somerville

    My wife dined at Cambarro a couple of months ago, and she said it was quite excellent. Dinner started at 11:15 pm!

  • sam grimes

    Sam says drop a night of tapas in Donostia and eat at El-kano. you will not be disappointed that you did.

  • ChuckEats

    Sam, nothing is final yet and it’s entirely possible El Kano might win out.