The Meals of Others

With this entry, The Meals of Others will become a semi-regular topic with its own category. In this day and age of walled-garden food blogs (re: those that do not link out), I’m happy to showcase other wonderful meals people around the world are eating. The meals, and restaurants, linked to will naturally be those I would like to eat myself. Since I can’t eat everywhere all of the time, it will help spread the word of great restaurants (and great blogs too.)

What recent meals look great?

El Capricho (Baneza, Spain)
El Capricho is the new Etxebarri – if you haven’t been, you aren’t in. Missing this restaurant was my only regret from my last trip to Spain. It’s located about three hours equidistant from San Sebastian and Madrid. Knowing what I now know about Madrid’s culinary scene, I would’ve skipped a night there in an instant and drove over to El Capricho.

Lydia Itoi’s informative article for Time explains the variables in great beef (breed, diet, marbling, slaughter, and aging.) She does a quick run-through of her personal quest to find the best and how she may have found it at El Capricho.

Jeffrey Steingarten writes for Men’s Vogue of a similar quest in northeast Spain, in his drawn-out style, that also ends at El Capricho.

And for those that read Spanish (I don’t), pistoYnopisto presumably writes a (favorable?) review of El Capricho.

Some incredible tantalizing pictures here.

Roellinger (Cancale, France)
Julotlespinceaux and I shared a lunch at Ubuntu during his recent trip to the Bay Area and I can vouch that he’s quite passionate and knowledgeable about food. He constantly reviews high quality restaurants that don’t always find their way into English food blogs. When he says Roellinger might be his favorite restaurant, I take note (even if it’s already on my top 5 must try.)

It is the French restaurant I most need to try. With its emphasis on seafood, and spices from far distant lands, it has the potential to be my favorite meal ever. Despite the Federal Reserve trying to plunge the dollar into worthlessness, I will try to eat at Roellinger this year.

Julotlespinceaux’s review of Roellinger.

Le Meurice (Paris, France)
This restaurant has been recommended to me by a few people but Le Meurice is always closed when I’m in town. Luxeat’s description of a meal with lots of seafood, acidity, and iodized flavors sounds perfect to me. When I make the trip to Roellinger, Le Meurice might be my first stop. As an aside, I wish I had her jet-setting life.

Restaurant Glashuset (Lonstrup, Denmark)
Trine at very good food is making me jealous with the constant reports of stunning meals in Denmark. It’s also my favorite blog these days for its great writing, good photos (they aren’t all perfect but never is the lighting in fine restaurants), and the pure discovery of the new for me. Here’s a modern, yet seasonal and respectful, meal cooked by three different chefs.

If you come across truly fascinating meals, please email me or post them in the Comments.

- chuck

  • good food

    Chuck – thanks. Let me know when you’re in CPH (or DK for that matter).

  • Nopisto

    Hi Chuck, Thanks for trhe link.

    Just one note. Etxebarri is all about product and technic and El Capricho, sadly, is all about product but lacking the technic. Last month a group of Michelin starred cooks went there to show José different ways of roasting a rupsteak. He agreed that this new way was better but the following week he was doing the same thing as always.