Bacchus (London, UK) – You’ll Have to Tell Me

Here’s a meal I did not eat but was told it was innovative, enjoyable, and, in London, a rare value. I know many readers, chefs, get ideas simply by viewing the pictures so here they are. The darkened room certainly led to graininess so I’ve kept the pictures small to keep them tight.

Cauliflower amuse
Bacchus (London) - Cauliflower amuse

Foie Gras amuse
Baccus (London) - Foie gras amuse

Tuna Tartare with pistachio and invisible yuzo
Bacchus (London) - Tuna tartar

Mackeral Toast with braised baby carrots
Bacchus (London) - Mackeral Trout

Seared Langoustine with pork jowl and salted orange
Bacchus (London) - Seared langoustine

Eringe a la Plancha with pine nut risotto
Bacchus (London) - Eringe a la Plancha

Poached Foie Gras with seared mango and miso
Bacchus (London) - Poached foie gras

Roasted Pollack with ratte potatoes and saffron
Bacchus (London) - Roased pollack

Venison al Carbon with textures of cauliflower
Bacchus (London) - Venison al Carbon

Nashi Pear Sorbet
Bacchus (London) - Nashi pear sorbet

Dark Chocolate with pineapple mille feuille
Dark chocolate

Considering the price, 46 pounds, I’ll try it if I ever find myself in London again. It would certainly beat the 100 pound Tom Aikens disappointment from nearly 2 years ago – a meal far worse than my photography in that post.

- chuck

  • Rufus

    Bacchus is a very good restaurant for the price. I’ve eaten there 3 times, and felt that the techniques used were more refined than flavours. Some dishes look wonderful, and are intriguingly constructed, but don’t taste quite as perfect. After seeing this menu, I’m certainly going back though.

  • Robert-Gilles Martineau (ロベル)

    Interesting to notice “Eringe” Mushroom. All Japanese-grown mushrooms seem to have reached Europe, haven’t they?
    The seared langoustine looks brilliant.
    “Tuna Tartare with pistachio and invisible yuzo”: Invisible Yuzo? The roe on top is flying fish, a great tasty and beautiful addition (very cheap in Japan, BTW).
    Two foie gras dishes in the same meal is a bit of an overkill, but the meal certainly looks scrumptious! Great Pics!

  • Paul

    If you want to experience this type of food Chuck my favorite place to do this in England, is at a restaurant called L’enclume and it is located in a village called Cartmel in the Lake District and is owned and run by Chef Simon Rogan were you will find his 24 coarse Underground Menu is an absolute treat, P.S if i new about this blog two years ago i would have personally warned you not to go to Tom Aikens because his food can be very very very hit and miss Lol

  • Nik

    Definitely recommend L’enclume as well – fantastic meal and great prices – 10 courses for £50.