The Meals of Others IV

I’ve got a backlog of reviews but little time to write them – Masa (NYC), L’Atelier de Robuchon (NYC), Orson (SF) – and by the time I write those, I will probably have a few more to write – Boulevard (SF), Urasawa (LA), La Toque (Bay Area), and maybe more.

For now, here are some reviews I’ve read lately that make me want to jump on a plane and eat.

El Poblet by Cachagua Store – a pub/store somewhere in my neck of the woods went to El Poblet and wrote this entertaining review. Where my review only covered the food, they do a great job of capturing the restaurant in all its glory – including its near strip mall digs.

Sant Pau by the same folks – Sant Pau was on the itinerary for the original 47 Michelin Stars in 24 Days trip but logistics prevented us from eating there. I tried to fit it into last year’s Barcelona/Madrid/Denia trip but it was just too far away given the time constraints. Nonetheless, another great review from Cachagua Store. And he even likes Thomas Pynchon and Manresa.

L’Ambroisie by A Life Worth Eating – my truffle-eating-friend recently told me about the feuilleté de truffe fraîche “bel humeur” – a whole truffle with foie gras cooked inside a perfect pastry. The price tag for that dish alone is frightening but I wish they were open last year during the Truffle Trip. L’Ambroisie was open for A Life Worth Eating and they also espouse the greatness of what must be one of the world’s most luxurious dishes.

Momofuku Ko by Opinionated About – I had/have a chance to attend one of these “friends and families” dinners for the pre-opening of Momofuku Ko but I won’t be in New York for awhile. Reading over OA’s review, I think I ate one of the first Momofuku Ko meals – it just happened to be at Momofuku Ssam two months ago, accompanied by OA, where we had 8-10 courses followed by the infamous Bo Ssam. Regardless, it will be on the top of my to-do list for the next NYC trip.

Bouley by Luxeat – Bouley does not seem to get its proper due but I would return there before eating at Le Bernardin or Per Se again. My review, 2 years ago, reads similar to Luxeat’s review – very high quality seafood and ingredients. And, to think, refusing to bring a suit to NYC on my last trip prevented me from enjoying a great meal here.

There will be *many* Meals of Others posts once Luxeat visits Tokyo and Refined Palate returns from France and Spain.

- chuck

  • Barzelay

    I want to tell you that your blog is now my go-to reference for high-end dining. Your reviews inspired the choices I made on trip to NYC from which I just got back. And it so happens I’ve got a spate of reviews upcoming. I mention you in this post about the trip, and so far I’ve posted the first review, borrowing your format as well, for Momofuku Ssam Bar. Still to come are Tailor, Sushi Yasuda, Babbo, Jean-Georges, and WD-50. It was quite a trip.

  • ChuckEats

    thanks for the link Barzelay – i look forward to reading your adventures!