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Updates will come soon.

Two weeks ago I noticed that traffic dried up. After some digging around, I realized Google had de-listed my pages because of spam. After more digging around, I realized that my blog was probably hacked, thanks to an outdated version of WordPress. And with a touch more digging, I found out that my host (Yahoo) was not updating WordPress to the current versions.

Fair enough – I thought I would just update the blog. Silly me. Yahoo did not provide a mechanism to just update the blog. Fair enough – I will just move the blog to a different host. Silly me. Yahoo only archived the content in raw SQL files. After a bit of wrangling, I figured out how to convert them to the standard .SQL file.

I signed up for a new host – Dreamhost. They don’t have the best reputation but my blog will not bring their servers down; and I like their general system. I signed up. I import the database of content but nothing shows up. I start pruning unnecessary database tables til I reach the bare minimum – mainly, comments, posts, options, and links. Content starts showing up.

I log in to make some changes. Silly Me. I am locked out – “Permission denied.” After digging through countless pages, I finally find the gem – pjh’s post (2nd to last on this page): Everything works.

I do some dry runs – re-install the blog a few times from beginning to end – make sure I’ve got it down. I do. Set everything up. Great, time to switch the domain name from Yahoo to Dreamhost. This should have been trivial but something got screwed up – site was completely down for a few hours. Got it back up. Uh oh, my email no longer works – where is it? The old stuff is somewhere in Yahoo; the new stuff somewhere on Google (Dreamhost uses Google for their mail servers.) Get that straightened out. Resubmit my site to Google for inclusion into their search engine. Cross fingers. I can only hope the RSS feed still works.

Despite having had some success with computers, I often think they will be our downfall. I am more technical that your average person; and this whole process was quite trying, not to mention time-consuming. I don’t know what the average blogger would have done if they had been in my shoes?

The blog should be up and running, available everywhere. I have no less than six different accounts to administer (Dreamhost, WordPress, Google Webmaster, Google Mail, Google Analytics, and Google Apps) – wouldn’t it be nice if Google actually made their products talk to each other? They may have a great search engine but, aside from Maps and Checkout, the rest of their products leave a lot to be desired.

As for WordPress 2.5 – I don’t like it. The preview post feature does not work. The layout is less intuitive than before. Such is life.

But what about the food?

There will be a few posts coming up soon – The French Laundry, Manresa, McCrady’s, potentially a great sushi restaurant in Atlanta, and Ubuntu.

That should last until my London/Paris trip. Booked so far – Fat Duck, Le Meurice, Ledoyen, L’Ami Jean, and Sa.Qua.Na.

All is almost back to normal.

- chuck

  • Alexander

    Great to see ur site back up again =), I also hope sometime u will come visit Sweden. My food interest has really increased becuase of u, thank you !

  • randy

    please come back soon i really want to here your opinions on some of the places you said you still need to go to…especially alinea and tailor…i am planning on going to these places this year when i visit new york and chicago

  • chuckeats

    Alinea is definitely a 2 Michelin star-worthy place – there are some theatrics but the food is still grounded (mostly) in reality. Tailor was good, not great; depending on where you’ve been in NYC, I’d consider places like Momofuku Ko first. However, Tailor is open late so you could stop in for (great) drinks and (great) desserts.

  • Raymond

    Hey Chuck,

    Do you know any blogs or reviews about the L20 Restaurant by Laurent Gras? It is a very modern seafood focus restaurant.

  • chuckeats

    raymond, the best source is probably the official L20 blog:

    Hungry has the only food review i’ve seen:

    here’s an article comparing L20 and Restaurant Graham Elliot:

    - chuck

  • Eric

    a potentially great sushi restaurant in Atlanta? Hmm very interested and curious as I lived there for 9 years and only found one that really satisfied me…wondering if it would be the one you mentioned…

  • chuckeats

    i don’t know the name of the one i’m going to Eric – friends are taking me there. what was yours called?

  • stephen

    Are you thinking of ging to St. John in London?

  • chuckeats

    stephen, there won’t be enough time to try St John. i really wanted to add The Sportsman to the itinerary but that probably won’t make it either.

  • Steve Plotnicki

    I thought this was your best post in a long while.

  • Eric


    The one I went to was called “Tomo”. While I found it to have no rivalry in Atlanta, now that I have been to many sushiya in New York, I think Tomo is slightly above average when you compare it to the overall sushi scene in New York (and at least a level below top places like Yasuda and Kuruma). That’s based on my experiences over a year ago though, maybe they have managed to bring it up to another level. In any case, enjoy your trip to Atlanta!

  • stephen

    are you going to Noma?

  • chuckeats

    eric – the sushi restaurant was Sushi Nami in Alpharetta. it wasn’t Sushi Yasuda but it was a solid 7/10 for the quality of fish.

    stephen – i don’t think Noma will make it into this year’s schedule. i will be eating the chef’s food when he guest-cooks at Manresa in July. Noma will be a priority for next year.

  • Matt

    As someone who battles with computers on a daily basis, I understand your pain.

    Just fyi, I got the update via RSS on google reader, so looks like thats working ok.


  • admin

    Matt, that is why i quit fighting computers on a daily basis :)

  • Jack at F&B

    Whew! (sigh of relief) :)

  • JC

    If you ever become dissatisfied with Dreamhost, I’ve heard very good things about Site5. I think Bluehost is supposed to be good too.

    Good to have you back. I can’t wait to read about your experience with Chef Redzepi’s food.