Meals of Others VII

I promise there will be a steady stream of reviews shortly 1. For now, I’ll link to some interesting restaurant posts I’ve read over the past month.

Momofuku Ko by The (amazing) Girl Who Ate Everything – they might be the last (and definitely the best) pictures of a Ko meal since photos are now prohibited. It’s (obviously) not a policy I agree with. I’ll stick to Momofuku noodle bar or Ssam for my NYC trip in August.

Combal.Zero by Opinionated About – I’m sure most of you read the OA blog too but I’ll link to it anyways – modern Italian food – that even Steve likes. Will Obama pick Jeb Bush to be his running mate?

Facil by very good food – I’ll be the first to admit that Germany doesn’t hold much interest for me (despite being of German ancestry, driving a Porsche, and drinking German rieslings as my go-to wine) but Trine’s excellent photos and write-up make me want to re-consider visiting Germany. I would probably rent a 911 Turbo and drive up and down the Autobahn all day at 190mph; and then adjourn for dinner around 8pm, if I’m still alive.

Ristorante Cracco by Luxeat – After a long hiatus, Luxeat returns to give us another haute Italian cuisine report. The reader that goes by “C” will certainly agree, but maybe I should try to make it to Italy next year. How will I find the time to make it to all of these places?

L’Arpege by A Life Worth Eating – I’ve raved about L’Arpege many times in the past, and A Life Worth Eating might rave even more than I. I purposely left L’Arpege off the itinerary for my trip in two weeks (exchange rate, expense, & wanting to try different places) but his review is quite tempting.

Pujol and random tacos by Oishii Eats – and, finally, some beautiful photos and slice-of-life from Mexico City. I love tacos and I love ceviche; and I don’t know why I’ve only been to Mexico once, living here in California. Keep reading too – there’s definitely an original ending to the story.

Original content coming soon!

- chuck

1 – What restaurants you ask?

  • McCrady’s (Charleston, SC) – quite exciting
  • Manresa/Noma dinner – because I won’t make it to Copenhagen this year
  • Fat Duck (UK) – my second visit
  • Le Meurice (Paris) – a few people have highly recommended it
  • Sa Qua Na (Honfleur, France) – some says it’s one of France’s best at the moment
  • Ledoyen (Paris) – my truffle meal was excellent
  • L’Ami Jean (Paris) – you can’t eat haute all the time
  • L2O (Chicago) – everyone keeps telling me to go
  • Alinea or Graham Elliot (Chicago) – we’ll see how the reservation game goes
  • Blue Hill (NYC) – to compare/contrast it to Stone Barns
  • Blue Hill at Stone Barns (NY) – a tomato dinner
  • Masa (NYC) – it was that good last time, despite their recent price increase to $450/person before tax and tip
  • Sushi Kaji (Toronto) – you have to eat somewhere in Toronto
  • and then the Japan trip.

  • sygyzy

    L2O huh? I am looking forward to this one since it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

  • chuckeats

    sygyzy – you can read about L2O on their blog –

  • Robyn

    Thanks for the link! :D

  • Paul

    Chuck has Heston Blumenthal added any new dishes to his tasting menu since your first visit

  • chuckeats

    robyn – you’re welcome :)

    paul – the ipod/seaside dish is new. the first meal was very good and i have no problem repeating; likewise, it will be interesting to see if it’s still as good, given my extensive travels over the past two years.

  • sygyzy

    I found their blog soon after I posted the comment. One thing I couldn’t find is their hours or where tehy are located! I am probably not looking hard enough. I really like that the chef is sharing recipes and taking pictures himself.

  • Aaron

    Chuck, thanks for the link! Much appreciated.

  • Jane

    Chuck –
    I’ve been watching/checking your blog on a regular basis since sometime in May. You’ve had FOUR posts. I have to say, man, I am most disappointed. What made me add you to my daily (or every couple of days) rotation was looking back at your older posts. I guess I didn’t notice the frequency or probably I’d have not bothered.

  • chuckeats

    soon, jane, soon… (hopefully as soon as tomorrow)

  • Paul

    Chuck did the NOMA dinner at Manresa at the weekend live up to your expectations?

  • chuckeats

    Paul, yes, it was quite a dinner.

  • stratis

    dear Chuck,

    yes L’ami jean is great.
    Even though is still on the usual french style of undercooking meat. And i am talking, not in a rare fearful way, i like raw meat, but when meat will benefit from a better cooking (higher heat) in order to get browned they just should go for it. French like braising, which is ok, but when they roast they need to pump up those gas stoves….
    French dont know how to cook meat (and mostly fish with few exceptions) so Lami jean may not be be surpise. Unless you order any bird they serve when you may just get the best pigeon of your life.
    you have to…
    also try Cru in Nyc… surprise….