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Hang in there

There’s a serious backlog of posts that will be coming soon:

- Fat Duck
- Ledoyen
- Sa Qua Na
- Le Meurice
- L2O
- The French Laundry
- Ubuntu
- Sushi in New York
- and by that time, the Japan trip will have happened

- chuck

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Manresa / Rene Redzepi (Noma) dinner – Complementary

Noma – it feels like this year’s Etxebarri or El Poblet – the must-try place for the fooderati.
Noma has been documented extensively by Very Good Food (are capitals permitted?) From her many photos and descriptions, it appears Rene Redzepi’s cuisine has an intimate connection to the Earth. While the food looks different, it looks more introspective and natural, along the lines of a Pierre Gagnaire instead of an El Bulli. That would be an apt description of Manresa’s cuisine too.

How would Redzepi’s cuisine translate to the Bay Area, and Manresa? Would the Redzepi dishes be facsimiles of his restaurant’s dishes? Or would there be changes to account for the Bay Area bounty? Would new ideas, and ingredients, be integrated into older dishes?

How would the collaboration between chefs play out during the meal? The last collaborative dinner I attended, the Passard / L’Arpege dinner, was not so successful. The menu jerked back and forth, between the two styles, and neither of the chef’s immense talents surfaced – an average instead of a product.

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