Hang in there

There’s a serious backlog of posts that will be coming soon:

- Fat Duck
- Ledoyen
- Sa Qua Na
- Le Meurice
- L2O
- The French Laundry
- Ubuntu
- Sushi in New York
- and by that time, the Japan trip will have happened

- chuck

  • Paul

    Good because i want to see some food porn Lol

  • http://highendfood.wordpress.com IFS

    Hey Chuck,
    still struggling with FD?? Don’t interpret too much – he is only a cook;-))

    Looking forward to SaQuaNa and all the others-and Tokyo…


  • Ernest

    If you’re coming to Japan soon, try the yakitori under the train tracks near Yurakucho station. There’s a whole strip of them but the most delicious is the one with a big wooden pig near the charcoal grill and plastic beer crates (which actually stores bottles of beer!) to sit on. Actually, a lot of those yakitori places have the plastic beer crates. Look for the pig. It’s at the end of the tunnel almost across from a noodle shop.

    I recommend the beef if they’ve put it back on the menu and the eggplant is simple, light, and delicious. Of course the other stuff is good too!