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Harutaka (Tokyo) – The Waiting Room

Sushi in Tokyo / Japan has more variations than my general “eat / politely pass / inedible / risking death” four quadrant diagram of American sushi. The restaurants, chefs, and sushi have personalities and characteristics, as they might here, but backed by tremendous ingredients and skill. That is important because it expands the discussion for interpretation. Cuts, temperature, and seasonings add infinite inflections to the binary fish on rice. There may be styles and choices that one doesn’t agree with but learning and appreciation does not have to be sacrificed.

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Sushiso Masa (Tokyo) – A Feast of Fish

Sushiso Masa1 opened one of those rare doors that change outlooks and paradigms – a glimpse into the impossible. It was very much a Plato’s Cave, or Matrix, moment – the jaded diner experiencing life. How could the top tier be mere local maxima? The potential was inconceivable. The results were astounding. And, then, to think there were others, possibly better, in this town? The city was ripe for more exploration.

One year later, a few weeks further in the season, the results were no less enchanting. When you look at man through food, his limits might be revealed by his best pieces of sushi.

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