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Recipe Food Bloggers – Defeat the Homogeny in Google’s new Recipe View

(Update: Thanks to Jeff Crump for his comment on a link to a WordPress plug-in that, in theory, makes this easier for non-technical folks. Read the explanation below, say “that’s crazy”, and then try the plug-in, available at: 0 )

Before ChuckEats, there was ChuckWorks1, and he advised e-commerce companies on ways to maximize their revenue through online search efforts, as far back as 1997.

Last week, Google announced Recipe View, a new way to filter and find recipes from Google’s normal search results. You can search for “chicken pot pie” on Google, and it will give you 1.5MM+ results. If you filter by “Recipe”, the results narrow down to 200k. And if you filter by an ingredient, cooking time, or some other attribute, the results narrow much further.

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Roberta’s (Brooklyn) – Frontiers

The incongruity of Roberta’s begins somewhere in Manhattan for many, where the island’s sheer density assaults the senses. One does not fare much better on the subway, fighting for a seat, while the car jerks and screeches toward points unknown.1 Emerging from the Morgan Ave stop, on a cold eve before snowfall, the bustle is replaced by a calm grey stillness, desolate rows of shuttered warehouses, and empty streets. Random lights sparkle in make-shift lofts. There is a marked dearth of human activity. You could almost imagine, somewhere under the river, the bomb dropped – and this is the brave new world.

photo by Roboppy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

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