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The Meals of Others VIII

While you wait for me, I’ll bring back this old idea to write about a few meals I did not eat – in places I have eaten recently. The links are theirs; the descriptions and pictures mine. In due time, I will write full reviews of all the meals featured below – all deserve it.

Atelier Crenn (San Francisco) by Endo Edibles
Two nights ago, Dominique Crenn really surprised me with an incredible meal, worthy of two Michelin stars. Her food at Luce was stylish but it felt constrained, perhaps limitations placed on her by the hotel. And while the food at Atelier Crenn looked more expressive, it also seemed, from pictures, overwrought; so much so, that I hesitated to visit for too long. That was a mistake. Intense, concentrated flavors; an under-stated but very effective use of texture; and a surprising use of temperature contrasts throughout the meal left the entire table smiling and happy – this is one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, if not the country.

Atelier CrennOcean and Land

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