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Twinkle Twinkle 11 Michelin Stars (Germany)

By now, everyone has seen the color radiating atop ivory plate and slate. Pretty, possibly cliche, what if we considered these flowers as symbol?1 For wrapped inside the foraged stylings of today’s food lie deeper questions about identity. As gardens and fields unfurl into the kitchen; the direct connection to growing, or finding, food has many chefs rallying around their regions and traditions.

Luxury is becoming authenticity – developing meaningful identity.2 And this is where the New German School finds itself – building a framework to discover and push itself forward.

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La Vie (Osnabrück, Germany) – Explorations

Evocative of landscapes, Thomas Bühner’s dishes encourage trailblazing through his crawling plates. Using the main ingredient as guide, pairing complements and opposites in random walks, dimension and nuance are explored. Each bite might differ – a stinging acidity and unexpected sweetness might dance back and forth before settling on a nutty tempered finish. Symphonic, as Bühner himself aspires to, where complex dishes balance a variety of flavors, textures, and sometimes, temperatures; all integral to the final work. “And wait until the main dish arrives,” High End Food said before walking away.

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