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The Meals of Others VIII

While you wait for me, I’ll bring back this old idea to write about a few meals I did not eat – in places I have eaten recently. The links are theirs; the descriptions and pictures mine. In due time, I will write full reviews of all the meals featured below – all deserve it.

Atelier Crenn (San Francisco) by Endo Edibles
Two nights ago, Dominique Crenn really surprised me with an incredible meal, worthy of two Michelin stars. Her food at Luce was stylish but it felt constrained, perhaps limitations placed on her by the hotel. And while the food at Atelier Crenn looked more expressive, it also seemed, from pictures, overwrought; so much so, that I hesitated to visit for too long. That was a mistake. Intense, concentrated flavors; an under-stated but very effective use of texture; and a surprising use of temperature contrasts throughout the meal left the entire table smiling and happy – this is one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, if not the country.

Atelier CrennOcean and Land

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Meals of Others VII

I promise there will be a steady stream of reviews shortly 1. For now, I’ll link to some interesting restaurant posts I’ve read over the past month.

Momofuku Ko by The (amazing) Girl Who Ate Everything – they might be the last (and definitely the best) pictures of a Ko meal since photos are now prohibited. It’s (obviously) not a policy I agree with. I’ll stick to Momofuku noodle bar or Ssam for my NYC trip in August.

Combal.Zero by Opinionated About – I’m sure most of you read the OA blog too but I’ll link to it anyways – modern Italian food – that even Steve likes. Will Obama pick Jeb Bush to be his running mate?

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Meals of Others VI

Some more tales from other high-end meals. (Food reviews will begin again next week, starting with another excellent Urasawa meal.)

Coi (SF) by A Life Worth Eating – Aaron and I shared a meal at Coi. We didn’t agree on all of the dishes, but we did agree on the best. Coi is better than many, if not most, San Francisco restaurants but it still falls short of what it should be. Aaron sums it up best by “impressed by its potential.”

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo) by Andi Hermawan – Andi has been to a number of impressive restaurants around the world; this report is from his one of his latest adventure in the very difficult to get into Ginza branch. Sukiyabashi Jiro is one of two sushi restaurants to garner three Michelin stars 1 and Jiro trained the other, Sushi Mizutani. Lunch is supposedly a torrid affair clocking in at 45 minutes and up to $500+.

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The Meals of Others V

Some might call it filler but here’s another installment of The Meals of Others. There has been some exciting dining happening out there.

Secret Beef (LA) by All In – While this review is from an “other”, I orchestrated, and attended, this secret beef expedition. I first ate this beef nearly two years ago and, after four or five visits now, I think it’s some of the best beef in the US. Oren was disappointed with the taste and I would agree that it does not have a beefy dry-aged flavor; but, what it lacks in dry-aging, it more than makes up for with texture. Its texture is not fatty like wagyu yet it is marbled nearly as much and retains its bite.

L’Arnsbourg by Refined Palate – Refined Palate went on a whirlwind trip through France and this looks like the best meal. There is nothing like the magic of a 3-star restaurant perched in the middle of nowhere. This restaurant will be added to the must-do list next year.

Le Meurice by Country Epicure – Country Epicure has been on a blogging tear recently with who-knows-how-many-posts across at least four continents. Le Meurice has eluded me on past Paris trips but I hope to correct that in July. For now, you can read about their feast.

Pierre Gagnaire by Hungry Hedonist – The Hungry Hedonist enjoys her meal but possibly falls victim to the roller coaster ride that is Gagnaire.

Per Se by Foodie at Fifteen – Fifteen year old Nick is too young to have a “best meal of his life” but reading this review, complete with rock-star treatment, is quite a joy.

Momofuku Ko by The Wandering Eater – makes me want to book a flight to NYC immediately and partake in the fun. I’m sure we’ll begin seeing more many Ko posts but I doubt many, mine included, will have such fine photography.

Geranium by Very Good Food – Trine shows us why Copenhagen, and parts up north, will soon be en vogue with the fooderati (once we get over our Japanese kick!) This meal looks Spanish experimental but it seems to retain an organic-ness to it.

Ledoyen by Refined Palate – my meal during the Truffle Trip was among the best I’ve had in Paris. The hot/cold uni dish found in this review looks spectacular. Ledoyen will be on my July itinerary.

That’s all for now.

- chuck


The Meals of Others IV

I’ve got a backlog of reviews but little time to write them – Masa (NYC), L’Atelier de Robuchon (NYC), Orson (SF) – and by the time I write those, I will probably have a few more to write – Boulevard (SF), Urasawa (LA), La Toque (Bay Area), and maybe more.

For now, here are some reviews I’ve read lately that make me want to jump on a plane and eat.

El Poblet by Cachagua Store – a pub/store somewhere in my neck of the woods went to El Poblet and wrote this entertaining review. Where my review only covered the food, they do a great job of capturing the restaurant in all its glory – including its near strip mall digs.

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