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Kabuki Wellington (Madrid, Spain) – Warning Signs

Madrid dining, on the high-end, leaves one wanting. I should have visited La Broche but a few bad reviews kept me away. In turn, I committed a cardinal error – visting an un-vetted sushi restaurant. Once you’ve tasted the best, it’s near impossible to eat ordinary again. This has led me to avoid any sushi-themed restaurant that I’m unfamiliar with, unless dragged against my will.

Kabuki Wellington was the same place you could eat on any given day in any international city. It was billed as Spanish fusion – Japanese concepts with Spanish ingredients. If the sushi didn’t scare me, the fusion should have, but somehow I ignored all of the warning signs. The dining room is trendier than the last hour, Nobu being its obvious influence – more warning signs. But I booked the restaurant in hopes that the fusion concept could work. I didn’t expect the highest quality fish, but I did hope to see some creativity.

There are two tasting menus – the Kabuki menu and the Traditional menu. The Kabuki menu was supposed to showcase the fusion aspects of the cuisine. Superior sushi is within driving distance from home so the Traditional menu would be a waste of time. The Kabuki menu is below:

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