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San Francisco Fish Company (SF) – Live Sea Scallops

As I’ve said, the San Francisco Fish Company confounds me – previously frozen shellfish, dull red tuna, pale salmon, but sometimes they have a treat. This time – live scallops in the shell – $7.99/lb.

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Myth (SF) – We’re Too Cool to Cook

(I am still in France eating truffles but here’s another lost review.)

Myth is the sort of restaurant I really dislike. It’s not cheap but the food is haphazard and careless. I would rather not eat at a Myth for 3 weeks in a row and put it into a Manresa dinner – the economics come out the same but your stomach will be a lot happier.

Ate here right after the New Year with the All In crew. We ordered a variety of dishes, shared a few bites here & there, no notes or camera: Read the rest of this entry »

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Prather Ranch (SF) – Heritage Chickens are the new Hoffman

There was a small crisis in the SF food community earlier this year – Hoffman opted to stop selling their chickens at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. If I were prone to waking up before 11am, I would have been sounding the alarms too. Unfortunately, Hoffman was always sold out of chickens before I arrived and the Hoffman lady wasn’t too keen (nor consistent) with saving a chicken for this late sleeper.

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Sebo (SF) – I Can Finally Eat Sushi in SF Proper

I’ve been known to bemoan the fact that San Francisco doesn’t have many (or is that any?) great sushi spots. All I seek is a nice enough place within walking distance that prides its fish; I know where to get world class sushi one hour, 4 hours, and a coast away. You could listen to the “experts”, but their mentions of Ozumo, Kiss, Sushi Ran, and others question their legitimacy as experts. Of course, these are the same names that pop up in heated online debates about the best sushi in San Francisco. And they could be right because, while these might be our best, they are by no means very good.

Sebo has made a splash and it’s come recommended by a few different people. Two young guys get the fresh-fish-from-Japan hook-up, design a hip sliver of a room to house the patrons, and launch a pretty good word of mouth campaign. Sounds like the makings of an uber-successful San Francisco restaurant for the yuppies.

The Fish

They are very proud of their fish and the omakase chef was very knowledgeable about fish migration patterns and seasons. They claim to get 3-4 shipments/week – most from Japan. And it shows – all of the fish was of better quality. The only problem was that some of the fish, while buttery, lacked any intense flavor.

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Golden Gate Meat Co (SF) – Serendipity Strikes Again

I found some “kobe-style” beef (re: Wagyu) the other day at the Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building Marketplace (SF.) It can be the curse of the Ferry Bldg – go in with a $25 budget and leave $50 poorer. $30/lb for 18-day dry-aged wagyu won’t kill me I reasoned, so might as well partake.

This wasn’t as fatty as the beef I’ve had @ Urasawa (LA) or Sugiyama (NY) but, ironically, I may have liked it more. Yes, there wasn’t that overwhelmingly fatty taste nor melting in the mouth; instead, it had some bite with a nice beefy taste (granted, it had nothing on the 40-day dry-aged wagyu @ Morimoto.) And this was only aged for 18 days – I can only imagine if I could age this for a few more days and get an even more intense beef taste. (If you’re interested in experimenting to create a more flavorful and tender beef product, you can learn how to dry-age beef in this article.)

I had a pound, I cooked half for dinner (need something for lunch tomorrow.) A thoroughly enjoyable time (and dinner!)

The Meat

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